Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Paradigm Shift or Something

After his win against Latham in 2004, which also gave him ownership of the Senate - little Johnny gained a much bigger backbone.

Thinking he was invincible, he tried to deliver a major blow to his opponents by introducing WorkChoices.

His plan was to entrench the fat, dumb and happy Liberals in power for at least another generation – then he could retire. He was counting on the opposition being incompetent forever.

Trouble is it backfired – he never imagined that the people would revolt – because they had been compliant for most of his reign. He thought they would continue to bow and scrape and worship the master. After all, he had trained them well.

But he missed the paradigm shift - often happens to those who won’t listen – or read, or understand. He contracted a bad case of (I) disease.

The power and money and Kirribilli air finally got to him - he thought he was the smartest of them all and could rule his kingdom forever.

But then the people finally woke up to his scam and asked – WTF?

And as they say, the rest is history.