Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Truth Tax

All state governments are moaning about their *revenue* problem and some - like South Australia - have used the opportunity to fleece the poor and vulnerable in their community.

Well state premiers do I have a solution for you.  It's called the truth tax - and here's how it works.

* You tell a lie - then you pay the tax - which is $100.

* Or more correctly - the tax is $100 for every *person* who is exposed to your lie.

So if you, premier - were to tell a little white lie to your spouse and it was discovered then you pay the $100.  But if you were to lie to a reporter say or in front of a television camera - then the tax is $100 times the number of readers or viewers of the resulting story.

And if Uncle Rupert's editor insists on yet another BS front page about how "we'll all be rooned by this government" then the tax due will be $100 multiplied by that rags' circulation.

You get the picture.  It starts on 1st January next - so you have got plenty of time to prepare.  You will probably need to stock up on lots of soap and water.

But look on the bright side.  In the case of South Australia - your entire *revenue* problem would be fixed after about a month - if News Ltd. keeps printing Uncle Rupert's local Sunday newspaper ;-)

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