Wednesday, June 19, 2013


According to the experts, the political contest this September is between Julia Gillard and the Australian Labor Party (ALP) on the one side and Tony Abbott and a coalition of the Liberal Party and the National Party (LNP) on the other.

With a host of small parties fighting for the scraps.  Incidentaly this is where the real contest will be - watch the Senate.  And independents will shine everywhere ;-)

The current polls show that the voters are seriously in favour of the LNP coalition - and that the ALP - our current government will be decimated come election day.  I have no reason to doubt them.

I had my political knowledge enhanced yesterday about what the Australian voter is up to.  Have they "parked" their vote with Tony until they can make a real decision about who to vote for closer to the election?

And have they done this because the Labor Party is in turmoil over its leadershit?  Recall that Kevin Rudd was leader until 2010 when he was deposed by the faceless men who installed Julia Gillard in the top job.  But she has failed to impress and the people have stopped listening to her - hence the poor polls.  Apparently the "parked" voters are awaiting a Rudd resurrection.

Now the political assassination of Rudd has never been properly explained but it was essentially a "coup" by the right wing unions to re-take control of the ALP.  Rudd was never a union chap and the bovver boys couldn't tolerate an "outsider" leading "their" party - especially when he showed some independence - so they boned him and installed Gillard.  The ALP was once a broad based party - including "progressives, moderates, social democrats and unionists".  Now it is  run by and for the unions.

Of course no-one knows any of that because it hasn't been advertised - and it won't be because they still want to hang onto as many of those "progressive, moderate and social democratic" votes as they can get at the coming election.  Remember that votes equal money paid by you and me.

All of which is why the leadershit is just that.  Those who now control the ALP will never let Rudd back into the top job.  They will keep Gillard because she is one of them.  They intend to go to the election with Gillard leading the charge - because when they come out the other side all those pesky "progressives, moderates and social democrats" will have been purged.  And the right wing unions will then have their beloved ALP all to themselves.

Won't that be fun Virginia?

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