Thursday, April 19, 2012

Politics trumps reality down there in Canberra #auspol

Our Government is going full steam ahead in its quest to produce a *surplus* next year. This surplus fetish will be the defining action of their short lived reign. And why they won't get back into the big seats anytime soon. Perhaps even for a decade or more - or at least until after the current crop of seat warmers have retired to tend their tomato plants and watch replays of themselves on QandA ;-)

The main problem is that they think *politics* is a profession - on or about the same level as *Medico* or *Engineer*. I was going to include *economist* in that list - but that is clearly not a profession either. Because if it was then those drones would understand how the economy actually works.

But they don't - and neither do their mates the politicians. And unfortunately after decades of being force fed bumpf and BS by Mr Murdoch - neither do many of the voters.

We now have this farcical situation where our Government is chasing a *surplus* because the opposition has cornered them AND because most voters wouldn't know sh*t from sugar about what it takes to run a country.

And still our citizens don't value a quality education - that's the biggest tragedy.

The standard news story that voters capture on the car radio is that a budget *surplus* is good and a *deficit* is bad and nothing else matters - as they head down to Harvey Norman to put more shiny stuff on the credit card. FFS.

That's politics for you.

OK I do have a bit of sympathy for our Government. They have been thoroughly set-up - and done over by a wingnut opposition, a right wing media, big business, the mining industry and even some opportunistic State Premiers.

But really - that's politics. Deal with it.

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