Friday, April 20, 2012

You can pick em #auspol

There are at least two types of people who are running riot in the Twitterverse.

The "Truth Tellers" and the "A*se Lickers". At first glance, it's sometimes difficult to work out who is in which camp.

The TT's are often quite strident and most of them aren't too concerned with what the establishment think. They understand the big issues that they write about and they try to educate and inform the rest of us who hang-out on the fringes of the Twitterverse. These are the people who are passionate about improving the place. They are living treasures. I notice that Phillip Adams has recently joined this camp.

The AL's are quite the opposite. Their agenda is to suck up to authority and to the establishment - they choose their topic based on what is currently fashionable or what the politico/media complex are flatulating about today. They are all about furthering their own agenda and feathering their own nests. They try to *appear* strident and knowledgeable - but they are mostly lightweight. I won't name any AL's - because that would be libellous.

And the AL's outnumber the TT's by about 100:1.

Now I only mention this because of the bunfight that is about to happen around the Gillard Government's determination to procure a budget surplus next year. The Prime Minister knows that her surplus fetish will push the nation further toward *recession* but she is going to do it anyway. She knows that if she doesn't do it - that The Coalition will brand her and Labor as being *bad* economic managers.

If she were to acquire that handle - it would ensure that she would never win another election - ever.

And the only reason that any of this would or could resonate with the electorate is because they aren't paying attention.

At a rough guess, I would say that ~60% of voters *think* that a budget surplus is *good* and a budget deficit is *bad*. No context, no understanding, no interest and certainly no idea. Actually most voters have NFI about fiscal policy. The conservatives designed it that way.

So if she fails to conjure the surplus then ~60% of the voters will probably punish her and her party. Virginia, this is what is completely broken about our polity - politicians pandering to people who have No F*cking Idea.

This is the main reason why she is going to send the nation into recession.

You might want to bear all this in mind when you see all those smart a*sed tweets from economists supporting the PM's approach.

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