Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't Mention the War

I am surprised that the *secret establishment* even allowed this to be published.  Anything that informs the proles would usually be vetoed.

Because what they are saying is that there *are* deals between nations that rely on those deals never being mentioned.

So Obama can kill people with drone strikes in Pakistan and elsewhere ONLY if he never acknowledges that he has done so.  Because if he said anything about it then Pakistan and elsewhere would be obliged to *react* to his aggression.

Apparently "this requirement of non-acknowledgement" is baked into international diplomacy.

What complete hogwash and utter bullshit.

The reason why the US military-industrial complex has invented "the requirement of non-acknowledgement" AND it has been so enthusiastically endorsed by the Congress and Administration is because it enables them to "lord it over" the piddling little small and medium powers around the world who mostly "suck-up" to and are in "awe" of big daddy.

In the case of Australia - we have a government that is more than happy with these arrangements as they issue the "nudge" and the "wink" to the US Ambassador.  The Opposition is even more star-struck and compliant.  Too bad about the interests of our people - maybe another handout will compensate them?

Our government and opposition won't mention the war and our media won't raise it - because to do so would show their cards and expose the ugly truth.

They shouldn't worry too much - because our citizens have been distracted by celebrity and sport and probably wouldn't notice anyway.

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