Monday, July 30, 2012

What will they cut?

So the question bothering Australian's is "What will they cut"?  As in what programmes will Abbott and the Liberals cut if or when they get to pull the levers.

It won't be the Nationals doing it - they never cut anything.  They are more into distributing the nations wealth as *pork* to their mates as opposed to leaving it in our social programmes - so it will be the Liberals who do the cutting.

We already know that they are going to slash and burn the budget because Abbott and Hockey and Robb said that they were "going to cut $70 billion from Government services" when they win government.  And during his recent trip to the US, Abbott gave the nod and the wink to his conservative mates who are ready to cash in on his *savings* programme.

The Liberals have a surplus fetish - which is even greater than that of Gillard and Swan.  And much more dangerous.

Now $70 billion is not a small number.  In fact it is a huge number and if taken out of the Federal budget it will leave a big hole - probably quite a number of big holes actually - all through the social programme.  Because they won't be cutting Defence.

Which means that the Australian people who rely on those Government services are going to be seriously *pissed off* when they find out that they have been shafted - by their little mate Tony who doesn't like their *entitlement* mindset.

But we won't know the details until after the next election is decided - because the Libs won't be upfront with Australian's about where the $70 billion will come from.

Of course they will futz about a bit in the lead up to the election and it's quite likely that they will do what Joe Hockey did at the last election - and fool Australian's about their budget intent.

And they will probably revert to form and cut large amounts from "Medicare" and "Education" - those programmes that conservatives detest.  Little Johnny spent his entire political career trying to defund Medicare - and we know that Abbott is working from his playbook.

And the really scary thing is that these cuts will be sold to the proles as a budget *savings* measure.  As if a sovereign state like Australia actually has any constraint on its currency issuing!

That's the real problem - literacy and numeracy.  Which is why conservatives do their utmost to keep us in the dark and feed us BS.

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