Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Like the Budget

I like much of the Budget.  Finally Julia and sidekick Wayne seem to *get* the main things about looking out for the people and being a *Labor* Government.  And letting the Coalition look out for big business and the white shoe brigade.  Re-purposing the corporate tax cut is gold - pure gold.

I'm less impressed by the commitment to surplus - it's sad that our people seem not to understand that a surplus is something that you "may" or "may not" end up with - following your best efforts at building and protecting the nation.

Murdoch and friends have created the erroneous perception of managing the budget for "surplus" or "deficit" - and that perception won't be altered in my lifetime.  Another reason not to read that junk and for Uncle Rupert to be moved on.

Education will fix it - but it's too late for most rusted-ons.  In the short term I would just deny them (the rusted-ons) the vote - at least until they demonstrate some understanding of truth and facts - and reality.

You may already know that I shun Australian mainstream media - it's mostly rubbish.

But this week was different - so I watched the various dances between - Mr Uhlmann and Wayne, Mr Uhlmann and Julia and Mr Uhlmann and Joe - all fascinating stuff.  My review follows.

* Wayne has found his mojo and now seems to be standing tall and looking - and sounding - good.  This is where he needs to be.

* Julia won't put up with the snide commentary anymore and she properly put the ABC man back in his box.  She is asserting herself and a good thing too.  She was so good that I thought the boy was going to cry ;-)

* And Joe is still a buffoon and a waffler - with NFI.  Nothing new there.

The polls are still showing wipe-out - but that will change after job number 2 - which is to make Abbott look like the goose that he is.

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