Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Media Abstinence

Some months ago I made a personal decision - to not consume anything that is published by "most" of our mainstream media.  My definition of "most" includes all newspapers and all Australian commercial radio and television outlets.

I do still watch and listen to selected programs on the ABC and SBS.

And of course I am very picky about what gets into my Google Reader feed - which is where my news and information comes from these days.

And I have never felt better.  I am happier because I no-longer get caught up in the faux conflict and outrage business that is the raison d'être of our media - all in order to capture your eyeballs and your interest and your wallet.

I read a lot more books - and spend a lot more time doing the things that I am interested in - scoping, designing and building boats and other complex composite structures.  It's major fun.  And hugely productive.

And I have clarity of thought that never seemed possible before.

You might want to try it to see if you have the same success - because the only way we will get to fix our media - is if we turn it off.

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