Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Politics App

The one important thing that is missing from our lives is a *Politics App*.  It will need to run across all the current platforms and especially the new generation of smart phones.

So what would this app do?

Well for starters it would give you a "candidate rating" of all the politicians who are in your face and contesting the electorate that you specify. This rating would be built from the political history and public noise and words that spew forth from said politician.  In the event that they become unnaturally timid then it would use a generic "rating" that is developed for their party - or one that is based on their leader.

That feature alone should cause most of them to become extra vocal and wordy ;-)

So the first thing it would do is "rate" the quality of your local candidates - and "rank" them - top to bottom.  All based on their history and documented views and those of their party.  And it will provide a benchmark of best practice against which it will compare your candidates.

Hopefully, this will kill the current *batshit crazy* approach to politics.

The second thing it would do is allow you to ask "what-if" questions  - and compare candidates accordingly.  So what do your local candidates think about "US Military bases", "Gay marriage",  "Palestine", "Nuclear power", "Asylum seekers"  or "Increasing the dole" for example.  Many of them will be silent on these topics - in which case they will inherit their party platform.

And importantly - have they been *bought and paid for* by vested interests representing any particular cause?  This might create a little angst until they can work out how to get around it.

The third thing it would do is provide a finely tuned "Bullshit" detector.  This feature will analyse the noise or words produced by a selected candidate - and give you a bullshit rating between "none" and "total".

One of the unintended features of this app is that you can use it to analyse the words and speech of anyone - so point it at the local newspaper, the TV news or the church pulpit on Sunday to see who else is feeding you crap.

Now this app is not a simple little thing.  It uses lots of data and pushes the maths envelope - but it seems to be about the only way we citizens can get our polity back.

Anyone want to request a feature?

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