Sunday, December 30, 2012

Politics, Power and History

It's just incredible how the US has gone from respected leader of the free world to pariah - all in the space of two or maybe three Presidential terms.

Many citizens in the west once felt safe under the wing of uncle Sam - now those same people are desperate to escape his deadly embrace.

The whole thing reminds me of the collapse of the Soviet Union.  As their leadership came under pressure they became even more scatty and unpredictable.  It seems that politicians under pressure always try to consolidate their power - rather than protect their people.

Are there no students of history amongst our politicians?

The takeover of the US and it's client's by the *batshit crazies* and the *far right* is now almost complete.

Despite Obama's historic second term the US Congress and Administration are still operating as though the weirdo's are in charge.  Cameron and Co. in the UK have pretty much turned that place into an economic wasteland.  And in AU the government and opposition have switched roles - with Gillard and friends now madly pursuing conservative policies.  Austerity is the new black ;-)

And the most dependent US client - Israel seems the most pressured of all with a very itchy trigger finger.  The world seems to have become a very unsafe place all of a sudden.

Apparently the new *normal* is - more wars, more drones and drone killings, more torture of foreigners and nationals alike, more persecution of whistle-blowers, more unwarranted surveillance and much more fascist and dictatorial behaviour.  All by those who we elected to look out for us.

And to think that it was all started by a ideologically driven Saudi living in exile in the mountains of Afghanistan.  Who would have thought that one person of such limited means could cause such widespread economic, social and moral chaos?

What fascinates me the most is that this one person seems to have had a stronger appreciation of politics, power and history than anyone in the west.

What does that tell you about the quality of our leaders and our political institutions?

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