Friday, December 7, 2012

Strategic colony of the United States

I find it fascinating that our Labor government and its key ministers seem happy to crawl up the United States' back passage.

It's like they know that they are going to get trounced at the next election - and so they act as though they want to piss off as many people as possible between now and then - just to show us all who's boss in the here and now.

That's a very clever strategy - one that will hopefully keep Labor in opposition for decades to come ;-)

The Assange and Wikileaks nastiness is all about sucking up to their US masters - who are trying to destroy Julian because he has exposed illegal, corrupt and arrogant US behaviour.  Now this is not news but our dickhead government thinks it is cool to pick on whistleblowers and abandon an Australian citizen - when given instructions from Washington.

I hope that Gillard, Carr and Roxon never find themselves on the receiving end of similar treatment ;-)

They want to destroy Assange and Wikileaks and send a strong message to anyone else who might attempt something similar.  It might once have worked when people were fully employed and had bought into the "debt until death" syndrome promoted by the "politico - media - housing" complex.

But most young thinkers have seen through that BS game and have other priorities now.  Give us another decade of political mismanagement - like the last one and it will likely be the politicians who are languishing in exile - or behind bars.

And - In a wide-ranging exclusive interview with WL Central, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has accused the current Gillard government of acting as though Julian Assange "doesn't exist, that he's not an Australian citizen." Mr Fraser slams the existing relationship between Australia and the United States as "far, far too close" and claims Australia is "a strategic colony of the United States, under current circumstances."

And yet aside from Fraser, the few senior thinkers who do occasionally have something to say about our polity are silent on this subject.  They like to talk tough when there is no personal risk - but they avoid comment when there is.

Phooey to you lot then.

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