Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The marketeers are winning

Australians are very susceptible to marketing.  If something has flashing lights, is shiny and new and makes a lot of noise - then we will usually lust after it.  Particularly if it costs too much and the bloke down the road has one.

I only know this by looking at the vast numbers of new vehicles on the road and the proliferation of McMansions out there in suburbia.

Oh and the apparent popularity of the Liberal Party.

Just about the only thing going for the Liberals is their marketing message.  Their chief marketeer gets on the idiot box every day and tells us all what a broken government we have and how his government will be so much better ;-)

No facts of course - just marketing and BS and a leg up from our complicit media.  And it works a treat.

Yesterday the Liberals environment marketeer got a free pass on ABC 24.  I am pretty sure that not one actual fact managed to escape his lips - as the pretty talking head who was supposed to be moderating - looked on and nodded and nodded and nodded with approval.  FFS.

And on Twitter and elsewhere there is a raging debate about the economic credentials of our government and the opposition.  Andrew Leigh outlines the facts here.

But none of that matters a zloty because the rusted-on conservatives just *know* that our government is no good with money.

When the conservative marketeers say "Labor is high taxing" - that is what the rusted-ons believe - no matter what the facts show.

And if the *facts* are pointed out to them - then they avoid referencing them at all.

If forced to read or listen to those *facts* - then they denounce them as fraudulent or otherwise unreliable.

Because this little game has nothing to do with *truth* or *facts* - it is all about a "batshit crazy" belief that has been created by the marketeers.

Which is why I have a bridge to sell you.

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