Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trivial Pursuit

I personally find the *whole* national conversation around our polity to be incredibly lightweight and full of bullshit.

We already know that our "world class media" trivialise and distort everything - their main job is to get us to focus on celebrity and sport and if that doesn't work then they amplify the most god awful crap that goes on in and around our polity.  I mean, how does pap like QandA add value to the national conversation?

The politicians themselves are all about obfuscation and diversion and illusion.  They pretend to be dealing with the big issues but they never mention them  or ask our opinion at voting time.  All the real issues are decided in secret behind closed doors -  because they don't trust us to have an adult conversation about them - or because we might insist on doing something that is in the national interest instead of the interest of some corrupt political party.

Just about all voter interaction with politicians involves trivia.  Meanwhile having successfully diverted our attention, they are up to their ears in this nonsense.

And I don't think that anyone should imagine that it is just one side of politics that is corrupt.  Just because one side is being exposed this week doesn't mean that the other is squeaky clean

We have a unique opportunity this year to fix it once and for all.  It's simple really - all it requires is a little bit of thought followed by some action.

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