Friday, October 5, 2012

Here's the thing Margie

Mr Abbott has rolled out his wife Margie - a "civilian" to reassure undecided voters that he is worthy of our consideration when next we vote.  And Margie tells us that Tony "does not have a problem with women".

Well fair enough - I guess you would know Margie.  But while you are on the national stage - what about a few other things that concern us about your man?  Perhaps you can reassure us about these things as well.

* Tony thinks that Climate Change is crap.  Is that a view that your entire household has - or is it just one that he thinks will win him a few extra votes from the dingbats on the far right?

* He does seem obsessed with "turning back the boats" and he frequently calls asylum seekers "illegal’s".  Is that his feeble attempt to corral the racist and the dim-witted amongst us or are those positions also strongly held by you and your family?

* Tony does tend to talk our economy down a lot - and berate our government for not doing things the way that he would do them.  Is this something that he does at home?  Does he insist on "his way or the highway" with you and the kids?  Or is this just his little charade in the Parliament to impress the voters?

* Plus, he does tell a lot of lies.  Tony uses *lies and fear* as political weapons to scare low information voters and confuse them about the "carbon price", "asylum seekers", "the economy" and lots of other complex things.  Does he practice these lies at home?  Does anyone in your household believe them?  Does he often lie to you and the kids?

I mean - I am just curious to know if his *batshit crazy* approach to opposition is something that he does because;

(a) He thinks we Australian's are stupid and will fall for it or;

(b) He and his family firmly believe in it.


Seabee said...

"Wife says husband is a nice guy" is hardly worthy of the news coverage Mrs A was given is it?

Roger Wegener said...

Exactly - and she has been used by the conservatives - which is why I would like to flush her out ;-)

ContemporaryPolitics said...

Using family members to provide character references does not seem to be the most professional approach. Furthermore, providing the stage to your spouse (as dedicated to the cause as they may be) leaves little room for real political debate. How can we get politicians to discuss real policy, instead of spending their time parading around their family in response to serious criticism?