Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Laughable

Last Saturday Don Farrell was awarded the top spot on the SA Labor Party Senate ticket - apparently because he was the best person for the job.  But by Tuesday he had decided that he should hand that spot over to Penny Wong because - well who knows?

Apparently the initial *gift* was the result of a democratic process.  Strange really given that Farrell has no profile anywhere and Wong is the well respected Federal Finance Minister.

Anything to do with the fact that Farrell was one of the "faceless men" involved in the *putsch* that replaced Rudd with Gillard?

Well I suppose you could call the process democratic if you branch stack the party with your supporters and then ask them to vote for you.  In your dreams that might be democratic - but in the dreams of the rest of us it is just factional malarkey.

South Australia used to be known as the "shopkeeper" state.  What seems to have changed is that the shop "assistants" have risen up and now dictate terms to the Labor Party and via them - to the rest of us.

How do you feel about that, Virginia?

And it's not just the Labor Party that has been infected by the right wing dingbats.  Remember Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi - doesn't he hold the top spot on the Lib Senate ticket?

Our political parties just don't get it - they are now owned by the arseholes on the right - but they think we voters haven't noticed and don't care.

Think again sunshine.

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