Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Conroy's red underpants are a real shame

You would think that our "world class" Telco’s would be falling over themselves to "fill-in" the gaps that are now so obvious as a result of the lack of progress with the NBN.

Regional Australia in particular is being short changed.  Broadband services are bad enough in the cities - but venture out into the regions and they are non-existent.

And it's all because the Telco’s have been milking their customers for decades and have built their businesses around a marketing model - not an engineering one.  Oversell your services as much as you can and then neglect to build out the infrastructure to deliver those services.  And f*ck your customers.

It might work for a little while but it looks like the three Amigo's have pocketed the proceeds while regional Australians are now paying the price.

Everywhere else that is called fraud.  But here in Australia we just pat the monopolist on the back and ask them if they want another exclusive arrangement or hidden handout ;-)

Part of the problem is because the NBN has been overhyped.  Over the longer term it might provide an answer - but lots of Australian's are fuming at the lack of services and progress - in the here and now.

Where I am today - there is just ZERO available bandwidth - for the entire day to date.  It's like switching off the power to the entire city and walking away.  And it's a disgrace that this can happen in the 21st Century.

If Senator Conroy and his red underpants can't get the thing moving a lot faster then they will be toast when they next front the people in 2013.

Of course that is just what the other side is hoping for.  Meanwhile regional Australian's have become the meat in the political sandwich.

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