Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dial M for Murdoch

If you read "Dial M for Murdoch" by Tom Watson and Martin Hickman - as I just have - then you will be shocked by what the Murdoch's and their cronies and their various newspapers have been up to in Britain - over many years.  It's subtitle is "News Corporation and the corruption of Britain".

This is a very sad tale of corruption and cover-up involving the top levels of British society.

And anyone who has even a remote interest in Murdoch's Australian operations will already know about the bias and distortion that so infects their Australian newspapers.

Even Dick Smith has been motivated by their local bad behaviour to send this very critical letter to their local leader.

One of the things that strikes me about the book is how the Murdoch's and their cronies invested so much time and effort in the criminal cover-up - and that it succeeded for years.  They even had the police - the famous "Scotland Yard" in their pocket.  It was only the dogged determination of a few key individuals and a bit of luck that led to them being found out.

Now I am not suggesting that the same level of corruption and cover-up exists in Australia. Who knows? But you can see the Murdoch intimidation and bullying and bias on display almost every day across the pages of their local newspapers - if you choose to look.

It’s very sad for Australia that Rupert has spent his lifetime parlaying his inheritance - the Adelaide Advertiser - into a huge international corruption machine.

Surely it's time to close the Murdoch's down and kick them out.  Has anyone got the balls to tell them they are no-longer welcome here?

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