Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who has the power?

The thing that Mark Textor was saying on ABC radio this morning is that voters aren't supportive of some *big* issues - because they haven't been involved in the processes that developed the *big* policies.  And they often don't agree with them.

Unfortunately we are seeing this with lots of current issues - Asylum seekers, US military bases, The Iraq and Afghanistan wars, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange  etc.

I am fairly sure that governments of all persuasions might once have done some very fine things ;-)

But they have not often taken the people with them on the difficult issues - because they have simply not engaged them.  Perhaps they don't know how?

Mark Textor was talking in particular about asylum seekers - about which many Australian's are poorly informed and fearful - because our various governments have *never* made the case to accept them.  And because many of us neither understand nor agree with the International treaties or conventions that bind us.

Doesn't that tell you something about the quality of our politicians and their leaders?

Usually because said politicians have imagined that they have the *power* when they get elected.

When in fact it's the people who always have the *power* and they allow politicians to use it on their behalf - but only until the political hubris gets out of control.  Which then often creates enormous animosity and anger.

Witness what happened to Howard when he turned on the people with his version of serfdom - WorkChoices.  Not only did he lose Government - but also lost his own seat.  Gillard is in a similar position for different reasons.

The message is simple - will anyone hear it?

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