Thursday, August 30, 2012

Now it's 38

So 5 more young Australian's died today.  In a war with no meaning and no end.

This is a disgrace - our government has lost the plot.  The price of their "suck-up" to the US military is now at 38 dead young Australian's.  How many more will it take before "dear leader" starts to "listen and get the message"?

50 or maybe 100 - perhaps 1000?

The solution to the problem is to announce a full and complete withdrawal tomorrow and have them home in two weeks.  Send our top brass to Washington to negotiate if necessary.

Or just instruct Beasley to "tell them".

And then we start the "Royal Commission" to understand why we went to Iraq and to Afghanistan.  Followed by prosecution of all the politicians who engineered these nasty little adventures.

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