Sunday, August 5, 2012

The lame and the limp wristed

What fascinates me are politicians who think that voters are stupid.  And it's not just our politicians.

President Obama is struggling to get much traction in the lead up to the US election in November - just 3 or so months away.  He is behind his opponent with fundraising and could easily get trounced by Romney the clown.  The Republicans are playing hardball with the US economy and are working hard to make it look like Obama is to blame for the place stagnating.  Things are so bad that even rusted on Democrats are thinking of voting for Romney - just to get Congress to fire the place up again.  I am not kidding.

Plus Obama is nuts to think that he can continue to pursue those on his "Kill List" each Tuesday and persecute Wikileaks and Assange and Bradley Manning on Wednesdays and then expect that "progressives" will vote for him at election time.  Instead of changing Washington as he promised - he has been sucked into its orbit.  He may well get blown out of its orifice come November.

But then the Democratic Party was never able to compete - a bit like our Labor Party.  They don't know how to.  Both of them rely on overreach by the conservatives to generate the backlash that gets them into government.  They're piss weak.

The simple reality is that conservatives do crazy things - they start wars and look after their mates at the top end of town and screw the workers - whether they are in government or not.  And the progressives usually just sit back and watch.

We need a progressive party that knows how to stand up for the people and the nation - and knows how to fight conservatives and win elections.

Instead we usually get the lame and the limp wristed running the place - who lack the ideas, the brains and the balls to do a real job.

Progressive political parties have become a huge disappointment - and that's why many of their MP's will be enjoying retirement after the next election.

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