Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why would anyone want that?

The quality of our national debate is pretty awful.  Lots of reasons for that - from a broken education system to a completely farked media - all the way out to opinionated old blogistas roaming free without their medication ;-)

I notice that Fairfax is doing its bit to fix the second problem by sacking half its staff.  Uncle Rupert will be pleased.  The rest of us - not so much.

Now there are plenty of Australian bloggers who are more capable than this little black duck swan - so I will leave the analysis and commentary to them and their loyal band of commenteers.  That will keep everyone busy for a week.

But I do have one question - "What is it about our billionaires and millionaires and Bank CEO's and other far-too-rich people - that causes them to think that their free advice has value"?

I only ask because I was reading a blog post from *Gina from Perth* today and her theme was "work harder and cut down on drinking, smoking and socialising" if you want to become wealthy.

Fark - why would anyone want to do that?  Because if you become a wealthy Australian then you also become "fat" and "ugly" and "dumb".  I have seen the evidence.

There is one thing my mates and I already know and that is that Australian's much prefer to drink and smoke and socialise - because the alternative is to be like that modest-little woman from the West or that clown-like bloke from Queensland.

And none of us would want that - would we?

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