Sunday, September 30, 2012

Galah in the pet shop

I laugh a little when some top notch journalist PR staffer tells us that "all politicians lie" and that we voters know that and we don't even mind so much.

Hilarious.  Or it would be if it were true.  The truth is that we *despise* politicians who lie.  And we also seriously dislike their spin and associated stunts that are designed to get us to pay attention to them.  If you don't believe me then #asktony.

But in the "old days" the lies and the spin didn't last very long - they were perishable thoughts ;-)  And the permanent record was difficult to find after the event - and so the politician's outrageous lie tended to be forgotten after a few days.

And while the mainstream media still control that record - and don't resurrect it very often - there is a new kid on the block.

Bob Carr calls it the "Galah in the pet shop".

There are a few citizen bloggers who take the time to record the misdeeds and the BS of our politicians and their cheerios in the media - and to make comment about it from time to time.  And we sometimes manage to re-play those misdeeds long after said politician hoped they had been forgotten.

For example - I am sure that "big Joe" thought that this little lie would have disappeared off the radar by now.   I am pretty sure that the voters of North Sydney will be interested enough to see if he does it again next time.

And if he does then I am willing to bet that the outcome will be a lot different.

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