Friday, March 16, 2012

And another thing Virginia

In a moment I will quit raving about my Hobart experience and the quality of the place. And you can all go back to watching the fluff on Friday night television.

But there is another thing that stands out and I need to pen a few words about that before I forget.

The *bogan* count is low. Let me repeat that. The *bogan* count is low. Thank goodness actual bogans are not attracted to the place - probably because t-shirts, shorts and thongs don't work very well here ;-)

Clearly they don't come here in large numbers. And as a result there are few monster 4wd's on the roads. Now that is a very pleasant surprise.

What you will see instead are small fuel efficient European and Japanese vehicles - they dominate the transport landscape - as they should.

Now I am not saying there aren't *any* bogans or 4wd's - just that there are a *lot* less than I am used to.

And that Virginia is a very good thing.

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