Monday, March 26, 2012

Politicians On the Nose #auspol

I am not a Queenslander - so I have no idea why the ALP got kicked out north of the Tweed.

But I do have a bit of insight into why the ALP is on the nose further south.

And as usual it isn't a simple story - lots of issues and complications - but there is one huge underlying factor.

Competence. The sort of competence that results from entitlement - as in *I am entitled*. It is probably not appropriate to generalise but I am going to anyway.

One of the big problems for the Federal ALP is that their parliamentary members are simply not up to it. Few have worked a real job; most have arrived at the Federal Parliament via a Union or a State Government sinecure or even worse - been a staffer in a State Minister's office. They turn up in Canberra with their entitlement antennae switched on - but no idea about what is required to govern. And they usually fail dismally as a result.

Don't believe me - check out the employment history of our Prime Minister and her Deputy? And if you are looking for a worthwhile project now that you have become unemployed - you might want to check out and document the rest of the Ministry - Virginia.

They are not up to it because the ALP has an entitlement selection system - as in their MP's get to be members because apparently they have served their time shovelling sh*t for the party. It might take them a decade of smooth talking and a*se licking and 2 or 3 goes at it but eventually they get preselected and end up as an actual certified MP.

It's a club - a bit like the old boys club that fills Australian Board seats. Only worse.

And one is only entitled if one serves out one's time as an ALP or Union hack - surrounded by a bunch of others who are also *entitled*. Truth is their selection process is broken - which is why they end up with people who have no clue about what is going on out here in the real world.

Best way to fix it is to get rid of the tired old hacks, lawyers and yes-men from the ALP - make sure that any new people seeking endorsement are educated, can inform themselves, have at least 20 years working a real job, are able to engage with people - and actually believe in something.

It may help if their name sounds something like "Campbell Newman".

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