Thursday, March 29, 2012

I know nothing about football either #auspol

And an even *weirder* thing about our politics is this.

Every month or so - someone undertaking an *opinion poll* calls to ask our opinion about Australian politics.

Not football mind you - politics. A subject that by our own admission - we know nothing about.

But that doesn't stop us from giving them our opinion. Because whilst we know nothing about politics - we would be embarrassed to admit that to anyone - especially an opinion pollster.

So we make stuff up to reflect what we *think* is the right answer - based upon what we saw on television yesterday or last week or last month. Sometimes we even "call a friend" first.

And then the folks who *are* interested in politics pore over the results for weeks - to determine the fate of our Government and the potential of our Opposition.

Really, what sort of a three ring circus is that?

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