Friday, March 16, 2012

Hobart - no sign of recession here Virginia #auspol

I am in Hobart for a few days catching up with friends and a bit of R & R.

We lived in Hobart in the mid 1970's and again in the early 1990's. It is fantastic to be back - a great place to be.

Work is another story - there have never been any real jobs of substance here but the locals seem to have adapted rather well and they appreciate the lifestyle.

Had a few drinks and dinner last eve with an old mate and his family at the aptly named *Dr Syntax Hotel* and lunch today with an ex colleague. I am pleasantly surprised by their attitude and adaptability to the economic circumstances of the place.

Am sitting in Hadleys Hotel at the moment enjoying a quiet little drink and live band. This is a fantastic old building that is a bit of a fixture and meeting place in the CBD. Surprisingly it is even older than I am.

The star attraction of Hobart is the waterfront and the Salamanca Place precinct - it seems to be busy 24/7. The pubs, cafe's and restaurants are everywhere and the quality is just awesome. I had lunch today at Rockwall - simply stunning food and service.

As a bit of an aside, in a prior life I worked on the design and construction of the Salamanca Place precinct - way back in the 1970's - it is still the same today as when we built it. Paved roadways were unusual back then - some things do endure.

But the thing that really grabbed my attention today was the attitude of the Hobart City Council parking inspectors - believe it or not.

Leaving my mate's office in the Salamanca precinct - a parking inspector was about to ticket a work colleague's car - my mate intervened, rang his colleague and asked the inspector to wait. Colleague duly arrived and parking inspector gave him a friendly warning but no ticket.

I was gobsmacked and noticed similar things happening all around us. The HCC parking inspectors are actually working as ambassadors for the place. This is exactly how it should be.

These folks know how to run a high value tourist precinct - I am super impressed.

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