Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sent back to Harvey Norman #auspol

The political commenteers carry on about how the Government is in trouble because of this or that imagined balls-up and the Coalition are sho-ins for the next election because of this or that dynamic and so on. Mostly all BS manufactured by nobody's.

And the talking heads will pontificate out the wazoo - while preening themselves in the reflection of the lens. Mr Uhlmann I am looking at you.

But the "Low Information Voter" is oblivious. He and she are far too busy earning a modest living, running the kids to school, shopping for food and feeding themselves, paying the mortgage, buying another 4wd and shopping at Harvey Norman - with a little bit of time left for watching sport - to be paying attention to anything related to politics or politicians.

It is hard enough for them to avoid being ripped off by big business - without expecting them to pay attention to politics or democracy.

Because the "Low Information Voter" takes our democracy for granted - they know nothing else. They have never lived in Burma or even been anywhere near it. The closest they have been is Bali and that was very nice thanks - and they will show you the photos to prove it.

The "Low Information Voter" has no knowledge or interest in understanding how the *mining magnate* makes his quid or how and why *Treasurer Swan* is picking on them. All they know is what they see and hear on Channels 7, 9 and 10 - and that is what forms their view. Which is why Gina is spending up.

And what causes them to buy stuff. It might be that said channels push made up political BS at the "Low Information Voter" but what they also do is present them with *advertisements* for stuff.

And it is that stuff that they desperately want because mostly it is *shiny and new and big and flash and modern* - all the stuff that "Low Information Voters" buy. And they do in droves. Which is why Gerry Harvey and John Singleton have perpetual smiles on their dials.

The "Low Information Voter" exists to acquire retail stuff - please don't confuse them by asking them to pay attention to our politics as well.

Which is why we need a test - a simple test to sort wheat from chaff at the entry to the polling booth. Pass it and you get through the gate - fail and you will be sent back to Harvey Norman.

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