Friday, March 9, 2012

You may have missed this #auspol

You may have missed this - and if you are a "low information voter" I can guarantee that you missed it because it definately wasn't on Australian commercial or public television. The "preening talking heads" won't want to touch this one Virginia.

Which is unfortunate because what *this* is - is something that you should probably know about - it is US Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr's rationale for *Assassinating Americans abroad*.

Say what? Yep the US has a policy of "Assassinating US Citizens" abroad - particularly those that they don't like very much or those who they alone decide are *bad* guys.

"Mr. Holder’s assertion that the decision to kill Americans abroad rests solely with the executive branch and requires no judicial action or oversight".

So if I were you I would be very worried. Why?

Because as you may be aware - our politicians have been sucking up to the US big time. Our Prime Minister has recently authorised the establishment of a US military base in Darwin and where the US goes - we follow along very soon thereafter. We have become loyal little lapdogs.

So it probably won't be very long before our Government adopts a similar policy - of "Assassinating Australian Citizens" abroad.

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