Monday, June 25, 2012

As Julia recently said - We are Us

I have been modelling the recent Census data dump and have identified the main characteristics of a "True Blue Ozzie" ;-)

We worship celebrity and sport - because we aren't big enough to stand up for anything of substance.

We mostly ignore our democracy because we have been trained to think there is no real difference between Tweedeldum and Tweedeldee.

We believe the main role of government is to distribute our handouts and to make it easier for us to acquire McMansions.

We think that our success at the Olympics and elsewhere results from our natural sporting prowess and enthusiastic spectating.

Our main interests revolve around football, fast food and fwd's with a slab of VB or XXXX thrown in for good measure.

Our choice of the brands associated with these interests depend on which *tribe* we belong to.

We don't value the press because we have no idea what its purpose is and anyway we prefer "Big Brother" and "Celebrity Chef".

We think it is natural to have limited choice and expensive oligopolies in almost every sector - banking, supermarkets, media, vehicles, airlines, insurance, utilities and communications.

We won't say "Boo to a Goose" about things that are a bit suss - because we have been trained to keep our heads down and our mouths shut.

We elect leaders who are associated with a sporting team - or who pretend to value the same things that we do.

And as a result we end up with leaders who reflect back to us the piss weak little things that we are concerned about.

Or leaders who know how to manipulate us - to get what they want.

It's just pure joy being an Ozzie - isn't it?

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