Tuesday, June 12, 2012

South Boganville

There is a little town in rural South Australia where I sometimes build boats - for fun and recreation.

Most of the time it is a pleasant enough little place whose residents go about their business in an inoffensive way.  But there are two times each year when it isn't.

The January long-weekend and the June long-weekend are times when the place is invaded - by thousands of actual Bogans.

And while the folks who don't sell into a Bogan dominated market are horrified - those who do think all their Christmases have come at once.

If you sell drugs, booze, fast food, fuel, accommodation or any associated services in this town then today you will be joyous.  Because for the past three days you have been making extreme hay.

I can see a new top of the range Mercedes-Benz in the future of whoever owns the local KFC.  Too bad about the mess that has to be cleaned up and the reputational damage to the town - that is someone else's problem.  You sir are now considerably richer for the experience.

And this is what I was on about here.  If your objective is to be rich - then you need to get in on the act.  If your objective is public service - then get your bucket and mop and come with me.

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