Friday, June 8, 2012


Fascinating article in Crikey today about how MONA - David Walsh's "Museum of Old and New Art" at Glenorchy has singlehandedly saved Tasmania - OK maybe Hobart - from recession.

And it has - I wrote here and here about how mainland tourists are keeping the place going when I last visited.  MONA has provided a major fillip for the eateries and hotels and other service providers in Hobart.

Who said Australian's are philistines?

What is even more fascinating is how *none* repeat *none* of the other states have worked it out.

If any state Tourism Minister was even half on their game then they would be all over David and others like him - attempting to replicate his success elsewhere.

Instead they all sit around hand wringing and moaning and cutting jobs - instead of doing something useful.

Lightweights the friggin lot of them.

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