Thursday, June 14, 2012

Your choice Gina

I know this might be a bit of a shock to some but most Australian's aren't interested in a trade or administrative or even a technical job that is located for - four weeks out of every six - in some dust infested hell hole on the edge of the outback.

Call them unreasonable but many of these folks didn't spend years learning a trade and then even more sucking up to their thick boss - just to end up wielding a spanner or a steering wheel or even a theodolite in a big quarry - miles from civilisation.

Plus why have we spent years encouraging them to lust after the ticky-tacky McMansion in suburbia with a new Land-Cruiser in the driveway and a shed full of boys toys?

Are we saying that we got it wrong and they will now have to spend most of their life eating dust and living in tin sheds with a few thousand others just like them - in order to pay for the lifestyle they left back home?

I don't think so Virginia.  What we should be doing is giving the Mining Magnates a choice.

Either they can build the towns and the infrastructure that is necessary to provide a decent social life for their workers and families - or;

We can tax them more and have the government provide the infrastructure.

Your choice Gina.

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