Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dribble and PageHitsVille

Right on cue the extreme h8ers emerge from their cracks at midnight to fill up the comments space of the serious media - with their concocted dribble.

Notice how these folks aren't literate - or numerate enough to pen their own articles and argue their own views.  Hell no - it's much easier to spread their bile in a paragraph of misspelt prose as a comment on The Drum, Crikey or elsewhere.  Indeed anywhere that allows it.

It's no accident that this phenomenon has mimicked the US - confirmation that our h8ers are really just sheep - meandering along behind "big brother".  Read any serious article from there and shake your head at the pure unadulterated ignorance that is masquerading as comment.

It's the only way that the extreme h8ers can get a word in - pig ignorant commentary penned late at night after too much booze and far too much Bob Francis.

If our serious media were half smart they wouldn't publish this junk - because what it is designed to do is drag the good stuff down to the h8ers level.

But the proprietors and editors are caught between a rock and a hard place.  On the one hand their publications earn credibility from serious articles - but on the other they are often sucked into getting aboard the "Express to PageHitsVille".

Classic case of sacrificing "long term viability" for "short term profitability".  It never works.

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