Monday, September 17, 2012

Conservative Soulmates

Like their soulmates in the US and the UK - our conservative party has gone seriously off the rails.

The US Republicans and the UK Tories and the AU Liberals have been taken over by the mad right wing.  They have installed ideological and cultural warriors across their leadership teams and are doing their best to convince their constituents to "vote against" their own personal interests.

Dingbat right wing policies sometimes gain a little traction - because the full effect and intent is seldom advertised upfront.  It is only when the people actually develop an understanding of the impacts - that they realise they have been screwed.  Fortunately the process of learning and understanding is helped along when an arrogant State Premier can't help himself - and abuses his position ;-)

After which the people usually work the game out rather quickly.  Thanks for that Campbell.

The Liberal game plan is now pretty obvious to everyone.  And the amazing thing is that it has been discredited everywhere else that it has been tried.  Don't believe me - check out the impact of the Tories version of *austerity* on the UK economy?  The place has been royally stuffed.

Like when was it actually in the interests of the people and the nation to slash and burn the public service and sack public employees?  When was it in the national interest to hand vast sums of government money to international corporations to do the work of those public employees?  And who actually voted for any of that anyway?

The job of our political class is to look out for the nation and for the people.  But conservative politicians don't worry about any of that - because they worship at a different altar.

Might be a good time to revisit the intent of R.G. Menzies when he established the Liberal Party.

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