Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dingbat Ideology

Australian conservative politicians are going a bit ratty on us.  You can see evidence of that in the recent behaviour of SA Opposition Leader, Isobel Redmond.

She had a serious "brain fade" recently and let the cat out of the bag about her intent to demolish the public sector when the Liberals get into government.  She said that she wants to sack 25,000 public servants.  And when that became public knowledge - she recanted and said it was all a mistake.  Sure it was, Virginia.

Her soulmates in Vic and NSW and QLD have already begun to slash and burn the public sector.  Her only mistake was mentioning it.

All because Liberals have been captured by a dingbat right wing ideology that has it's origins with the tea baggers in the US Republican party.  They basically want to reduce government down to nothing and the quickest way to do that is get rid of the people who run the place.

Notice how they always want to sack the public servants - never the politicians?

They much prefer those "magical" budget surpluses to employing people or even educating their constituents or keeping them healthy and safe.  If you can kill the memory of how things work then you can re-build government in your own crazy image.

And their constituents don't yet know that this is really about the transfer of wealth to the *private* sector.  Sure the Liberals will decimate the public sector but they will also *outsource* many government functions to their mates in the "white shoe" brigade.

If you think that government is bad - wait until you see government services delivered by charlatans and crooks - trying to maximise their *performance* pay.

And it's not just the state Liberals who are doing it.  Mr Abbott has a similar - and much larger and more dangerous - plan.  His mates at the IPA inadvertently released his roadmap this week - which contains about 75 things that he will slash and burn.

They even confirmed this one.

Look it's fair enough for opposition's to have a different plan for government.  The only problem with the Liberals agenda is that they aren't up-front about their intentions.

They think they will sneak back into government under false pretenses and then slash and burn the place - and that Australians will be happy to let them.

I don't think so.

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Anonymous said...

Costello is a good example of what you're talking about. He recommends Newman in Queensland sell off or outsource nearly everything. Public sector, bad! But what has Costello been living on for two decades? Public money! A trough feeder of the highest order.