Friday, September 28, 2012

Yeah - in my dreams

One of the main reasons that our politicians don't do enough to bulletproof our economy - is because they don't know what to do - take you for granted.

Because they are consumed with staying in office.  The primary focus of politicians is to win elections and to keep on winning them.  All so they can keep their snouts firmly embedded in the trough.  And when they have finished with that then they get shuffled off to a diplomatic post somewhere where they can swan about and spend your money without having to be accountable to you.

Their KPI's are built around electoral success - which is mainly about beating the opposition every three or four years - instead of developing and enhancing their communities and providing opportunity and security for their constituents.

And unfortunately many voters have unwittingly bought into this same shitty deal.  Large numbers of voters are "rusted on" to a particular political party and its ideology.  Or at least some imaginary marketing enhanced interpretation of its ideology.

It's as though these "rusted ons" have lost the ability to "understand" and "think" about alternatives.  They vote in a particular way - always have done - and always will do.  It's how the political parties have designed and built and operate our polity Virginia.

The "rusted on" attitude is exploited by politicians - who do crazy stuff in an attempt to capture the undecided vote.

The best example of this that I can think of is the Liberal's "climate change denial" policy.  Complete BS gets promoted because Mr Abbott knows that rusted on Liberals won't defect - and he might have a chance to add a few more "crazies" to his collection of "rusted ons" by announcing that climate change is "crap".

Does it work?  I don't know - but he thinks it does ;-)  Too bad about the planet.

The best way to get politicians to start talking and acting sensibly will be to stop being "rusted on".  Take some time to listen to and understand your local candidates and their political parties - and then vote accordingly.

Put the wind up them and make them develop and offer up policies that are in the interests of the nation and the people.  Introduce some reverse fear into the election process - where the politicians are fearful that the voters won't elect them until they start to behave.

Yeah - in my dreams.

PS: Matt Taibbi has a much better political story - here.

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