Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lawyers doing rocket science

Far too much political discussion in Australia is built around fairytales and myths.  "The Liberals are always better at looking after the economy", "Labor is always better at education and health", "Liberals are the party of small business", "Labor is the party of big government".

It's all BS of course.  But the politicians and their partners in crime - our *world-class* media think we citizens are too stupid to engage in a real adult conversation - so they  incessantly recite these fairytales.

And they think the *rusted-ons* will blindly repeat their mantra's and vote accordingly at the next election.  Well it worked as recently as 2004 - when the most deceptive politician in recent history asked us - "Who do you trust"?  And we gave him 3 more years and he gave us WorkChoices.

Things would have continued along as they always have - except for two things that have changed everything.

Firstly, the Coalition elevated a "man of no substance" to their leadership - and they seem determined to keep him there - regardless of the wants and needs of the people.  The folks who are currently running the party of Menzies are not clever enough to understand that they would already be in government if they had taken a "moderate centrist" path instead of the "dingbat right" path back in 2009.

Secondly, our government would be doing much better if they hadn't promoted the "B" team and if they hadn't tried to become Australia's second conservative party.  It is inconceivable that an actual Labor government is still waging an unwinnable war, allowing foreign troops to establish bases here and spying on our citizens.  That's what happens when junior lawyers think they are good at strategy or politics ;-)

And then there is the question of competence.  Yes it is true that government is complex.  So is rocket science - but we don't allow lawyers to design and build and operate the space shuttle do we?

The time has long passed when it was acceptable for fools, charlatans and other miscreants to use government as a play thing for their fantasies.  We need a much greater level of competence and accountability in and around our polity.

And we need it to be focused on the national interest and the interests of our people.  Not the friggin politicians and their mates on the gravy train.

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