Friday, September 7, 2012

Two Stars - Just above woeful

There has been a bit of discussion recently about how our Prime Minister has been badly treated - by the usual suspects in our media and the local blogosphere.  The main offenders are apparently old white males who are annoyed about *something*.

And I do agree that PM Gillard has been under a bit of pressure.  And some of it has been unwarranted and maybe even unfair - if not downright sexist and nasty.  I don't think personal abuse is OK at all.

But having said that I don't think our Prime Minister is up to the job.  It's nothing to do with her persona or her gender.  It's about her experience and skills and ability.  From what I have seen as a politically engaged and active citizen - I rate her performance as "Two Stars - Just above woeful".  And I don't think that I am the only one ;-)

Australia deserves better - much better.

And quite a few of her Ministers are not up to scratch either.  It's not a personal or ideological thing with me.  It's all about my expectations around the quality of our leaders and their skills and knowledge and ability.

I have a strong sense that *somehow* we have ended up with the B team.  There are so many top quality Australian's - why have we ended up with mediocrity all over our polity - Virginia?

I was going to provide examples - but there is simply no point.  Anyone who reads my blog will know my position.

And in case anyone imagines that I prefer the Coalition - I think Mr Abbott and most of his frontbench are actually worse than Labor.  They have done *nothing* to prepare themselves to govern since 2007 - and it shows.  There is just *nothing* about the Coalition that would cause progressive and thinking Australian's to vote for them.  They have been captured by a rabid right wing ideology that will decimate the place if they ever get to pull the levers.

Not to mention an old media mogul - who thinks he owns them.

And we are not going to take it anymore.

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