Saturday, September 22, 2012

F*ck You Australia

When Mr Abbott tells Coalition Members of our Parliament in both the House of Reps and the Senate - that he won't tolerate them *freelancing* - what he is really saying is "F*ck You Australia".

He thinks that as so-called Leader of the Liberal Party that he is entitled to tell your elected members what to do, how to think and what to say.

And most of your Liberal and National MP's apparently agree - because they tug their forelock and say yes sir - no worries sir - as long as you get us back into government sir - so we can get our snouts back into the public trough sir.

When the Australian Federation was created there was no thought for "political parties" or even for "political party leaders".  The intent of the founding fathers was to create a House of Representatives and a Senate - comprised of individual members who were elected by your vote - and who were accountable only to you and the other voters in their electorate.

The idea was that these House and Senate MP's would offer up to you and the other voters a compelling value proposition that would cause you and the majority of the rest of the voters to prefer them over the competing candidates - at election time.

Our founders designed a parliament where local competition was expected to result in a diverse and high quality selection of candidates being elected and sent to Canberra - to make important decisions for and on behalf of the nation and it's people.

And there was no concept of your elected Member being part of a "Marketing Franchise" - like McDonalds or KFC or Harvey Norman.

And yet that is how things have turned out.

Our MP's were supposed to think and act and behave in the "National Interest" and what we have discovered this week is that Mr Abbott thinks *he* can tell them what to do.

The "National Interest" seems to have somehow been replaced with "Mr Abbott's interest".

Funny but I can't recall ever being asked to vote for that - what about you?

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